Neve ParitzkiJerusalem is the site of the first tunnel for bicycles in Israel.

The Kerem Tunnel is a great location to go on a hike or ride.
נווה פריצקי As part of the 42-kilometer Jerusalem Ring Path cycling route that runs around the capital, the Kerem Tunnel was inaugurated.

נווה פריצקי It connects Nahal Refaim to Emek Motza. The tunnel's southern entrance is located within Refaim Park below Ein Laban. While the northern entrance is in Nahal Ein Kerem about half an hour away from the Kerem junction.

The 2.1-kilometers-long tunnel project was inaugurated during a celebration held on Thursday that was attended by Jerusalem and Heritage Minister Ze'ev Elkin, Mayor Moshe Lion, Gihon water company chairman Avi Baleshnikov and hundreds of cyclists.

Jerusalem was a popular tourist destination due to its glorious history. Elkin added that in addition to its historical treasures the modern tourist industry is incorporated into the city of Jerusalem. "The inauguration of [this] tunnel project is another part of the expansion of Jerusalem as a city. Jerusalem as well as its development into a desirable tourist city for all types of audiences throughout Israel and around the globe."

Elkin's ministry, which responsible for the project along alongside Jerusalem Municipality, said that the ministry "invests hundreds and millions of shekels every year in all aspects of Jerusalem’s tourism and in creating exciting attractions and ventures which connect the glorious historic time of our capital city and the future." I invite cycling enthusiasts to visit and enjoy an up-to-date and well-maintained cycling route that takes in the unique scenery of Old Jerusalem."

Elkin's ministry and the Tourism Ministry budgeted the project.

"The Kerem Tunnel project is an essential tool to realize the vision to alter the notion of transportation throughout Jerusalem," Elkin said. Elkin said that the new tunnel connects to the Jerusalem Ring Path and will join existing bike trails. It will also be paved in its various neighborhoods. The tunnel will be a great way to help cyclists and promote green transport in Jerusalem.

In the 1990s In the 90s, the Kerem Tunnel was excavated to relocate the main sewer line from Gihon Corporation to the Sorek purification plant. It is currently used as an infrastructure tunnel. It is also home to the fifth water line to Jerusalem from the Mekorot water company.

"The Kerem tunnel project is an essential tool to realize the vision to change the concept of transportation throughout Jerusalem. "

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon
Road construction, installation , and testing of safety and electrical systems are just a few of the ongoing projects to ensure that the tunnel is secure for all year.

Kerem Tunnel Kerem Tunnel provides access to unique recreation locations, including Ein Kerem neighbourhood, the biblical aquarium and zoo as well as the natural springs of historical significance Ein Haniyeh, Ein Laban Ein Laban, and Ein Haniyeh.

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